Another tarot on the way!
Now focused on young people and children, so that the first steps can be taken within this rich universe and on this journey of self-knowledge.
Another joint project with Suki Ferguson, soon to be published by Blue Angel Publications!
Here are one of my favorites from this deck ( not yet the time to see everything ) :)
In these arts, I paid attention to the symbolism, and each card is linked to an element of nature, which made me choose colors that refer to such elements in each group of cards.
The Earth Cards Colors
The Air Cards Colors
The Fire Cards Colors
The Water Cards Colors
From drafts to final  - i love the way things changed and how they can look in the end of the process. My favorite part is the way !
I just love how this project has come togheter!
I can't wait to see them in the world!
I am open to work 
 oi.ananovaes@gmail.com || Instagram
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